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This Mo’vember, We Pay You To Grow Your Hair

November 8, 2011

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It’s simple: Show your hairy, growing moustache or beard and we’ll IMMEDIATELY reward you with 11% OFF your NEW investment of a DROP-IN PASS. Use your Drop-In Pass for any Toronto dance class at Byfield Dance Experience in downtown Toronto. DROP THAT RAZOR! And use your savings to get a good, clean shave at the […]

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5 Ways Hip Hop Classes in Toronto Improves Your Health

November 6, 2011


Five No-Brainer Ways Adult Hip Hop Classes in Toronto Improves Your Overall Health Let’s face it. Few adults REALLY like to exercise. It takes effort. It takes scheduling. And sometimes you just don’t feel motivated. Right? Also, nobody likes being stared down at the gym by prying eyes, trying to figure out if your single […]

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