Dustin Pym

Dustin Pym at Byfield Dance Experience
Dustin Pym at Byfield Dance Experience


aka Poppin Rhombus | Co-Artistic Director, Dancer, Choreographer, Movement Coach

Dustin’s life is all about movement. Dustin has grown into a respected teacher/choreographer/dancer since arriving in Toronto 7 years ago. He has expanded his love of movement into a public speaking endevour and concept called Movement Motivation.  Check him out at the HRPA this week!

Credits include: choreography for national Kohls commercials, Disney Televison promotions, various staged projects (OHDC, Push Pull, FOD, GeoMetriX), Olympic Gold Medalist Yuna Kim, Canadian figure skating legend Brian Orser, corporate dance works for CocaCola, Minute Maid, Microsoft, Kaleidiscope, MosaicSales Solutions. SYTYCD Canada, Edmonton Eskimoes Cheerleaders, Television appearances include Muchmusic, Etalk Daily, and CTV.

You can see Dustin speaking at events and corporate functions as inspiring motivational speaker. His dream to create a dance company made up of fantastic talent, mixed with excellent personalities is happening right now!  This is the beginning, here we come.

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