Tap Dance Classes

Toronto favourite tap dance class

Toronto’s favourite tap dance class


The Time You Spend In These Adult Tap Dance Classes Is So Addictive, You’ll Be Hooked Your First Day! See Why Everyone’s Talking About…

Tapdance Mastery!



From: Shawn Byfield
Friday, 11:23 am
RE: Adult Tap Dance Classes in Toronto

Dear fellow hoofer,

Has it been forever since you put your tap shoes on?

Have you been looking for a cool dance studio, tap school or tap dance class in Toronto to help brush up your skills… or a tap dance lesson to help you hit the floor like you used to?

Look no further. You’ve found the right place, at the right time because there’s an incredible tap dance session called TAPDANCE MASTERY that’s perfect for you.

Keep reading to learn more…

Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience on Breakfast Television

Toronto dance studio Byfield Dance Experience on Breakfast Television

  • NO MORE wasting time trying to find where to take a tap dance lesson in Toronto.
  • NO MORE worrying if you’ll enjoy yourself, let alone learn any cool tap dance moves.
  • NO MORE spending money on adult tap classes in Toronto or elsewhere- that just didn’t make the cut.

A family that wants to see you learn and loves to see you succeed, in and out of the studio…”

BDX is, without a doubt, the friendliest studio I’ve experienced, constantly providing a positive learning environment for all of it’s members. Each student feeds off the endless energy and support of every faculty member. Most importantly, when you join BDX you join a family. A family that wants to see you learn and loves to see you succeed, in and out of the studio.

Thank you shawn for everything you’ve done for me since I’ve moved, to help me learn, improve and expand as a dancer and a person and it’s only been a month!! Very excited for the future.

-Thomas L. Colford

“If you love to dance, here is your teacher!”

“I have taught alongside Shawn Byfield at many workshops and conventions and I must say, he always finishes with having every student in the palm of his hand.

He teaches with an unequalled enthusiasm for his craft and his generosity is well received by all. If you love to dance, here is your teacher!”

– Linda Garneau
Artistic Director, Helix Dance Project


This Toronto Tap Class Is PERFECT For You- Even If You’re Rusty As Heck And Haven’t Tap Danced In Years

If you haven’t had the chance to throw down with us before, DON’T WORRY! After a few tap dance classes with us, you’ll feel back up to speed, even if it’s been a few years since you’ve put on your tap shoes.

TAPDANCE MASTERY is where you need to be.

Oh, and heads up: We have tons of fun. Period.  And there’s always a gem of wisdom to take away from each tap dance lesson in Toronto, and all of our dance classes.

Wonder what our tap classes actually LOOK like? This link shows Toronto tap dance class videos.

By the way, if you’re looking for some exercise, tap dancing is definitely a “boot camp workout” for your brain and your body, just as much as your feet. It’s safe, fun, and the perfect workout for adults. So if you’re looking for exercise, it’s a hell of a lot more exciting than a run on the treadmill. =)

Learn The Moves From Toronto’s Most Sought-Out Instructors, At Canada’s #1 Dance Studio For Adults

Toronto dance studio BDX - Shawn Byfield

It’s important for you to know that not every dancer makes a good dance teacher. Sure, they may dance circles around everyone on stage.

But when it comes to breaking down steps and the technique of teaching… some are just impatient, rude and just too into themselves to lead an effective class. At Byfield Dance Experience, that just won’t cut it.

When you join us in TAPDANCE MASTERY you’ll learn from leading dance authority Shawn Byfield and expert dance instructors who make you feel respected, yet challenge and encourage you to grow and improve.

Your Time With Us Is Valuable.

With That In Mind, Your Pro TAP DANCE MASTERY Coach Promises To Always:

  • Be encouraging and patient with you- so you can learn the steps without feeling under pressure
  • Create a positive and uplifting atmosphere- which makes you want to participate and get even more involved
  • Challenge you and safely push your abilities- so you’ll come back the next class a notice a bit more improvement
  • Give you great tips for toning your body- to help keep you in top notch performance and looking great
  • Create and break down awesome choreography- so you’ll learn new moves to take home with you
  • Share “real world” dance experience and stories- and learn from other people’s past experiences
  • How to keep you focused and entertained throughout class- which boosts your enjoyment, so you’ll never feel like leaving
  • Give you a wicked dance workout- and keep your body working hard, looking hot and feeling great
  • Break down and count the music- to make it easy for you to hear the timing and know exactly what beats you should listen to
  • Easily break down the steps you’re learning- which makes it easier for your brain to absorb the steps piece by piece
  • Fully demonstrate what the moves should look like- so you get a mental picture and feel for the teacher’s style
  • Give specific, detailed and non-judgmental feedback- so you know exactly what you can do to advance your level and your career
  • Encourage you to feel great about yourself- so you can bring out your inner confidence and rock yo’ body without “feeling like a nerd”! =)
  • And so much, much more… definitely something you’ll understand when you EXPERIENCE it in person!

Watch Our Toronto Tap Dance Class On Breakfast Television!

16 Inspiring Reasons Why You Simply Can’t Miss Our Toronto Tap Dance Lessons:

  • Watch how your ability to hear simple and complex rhythms will improve, helping you pick up tap dance steps faster than you did before
  • You’ll tap dance with more musicality and style, giving you an edge over others when you perform in shows, recitals and competitions
  • You will notice an improvement in your technique– get all those sounds in, and REALLY NAIL that fast footwork
  • You will be able to learn how to count out your rhythms- learn to say it, then do it!
  • Finally get inspired! Find that motivation you’ve been waiting for- and QUIT MAKING EXCUSES why you aren’t tap dancing right now
  • Learn how to perform like you’re on stage for an audience- and be more entertaining to watch
  • Learn how to use simple rhythmic patterns to make your tap dance choreography more musical and pleasing to hear and watch

And At The Risk Of Sounding Like A Ginsu Commercial:

“But Wait! There’s Even More… “

  • Hear some cool ideas and concepts that will help you remember challenging sections of tap dance routines better
  • You’ll develop your volume, and tap with more dynamics– from soft, quieter tones to louder accents
  • Learn how to “sing along” to the songs of your feet- and how singing helps your brain execute your tap steps
  • Learn the musician’s technique of phrasing steps together rather than in small chunks- helping your feet sound more expressive
  • You’ll learn how to tap dance withmore confidence– you’ll develop a true “hoofer” style and tap more assertively into the floor
  • Learn some tap dance history- and learn about other tap dancers and resources that keep the tradition going
  • Expand your musical knowledge by experiencing different types of music– from jazz, funk, reggae, hip hop, latin, african… even no music at all ( I call “accatappa”)
  • Save yourself from another negative tap class- and leave feeling excited and pumped for next time
  • Find a great new social activity– meet new people and develop some great friendships with other tap dancers

If you’ve been looking for a triple-threat tap dance class in Toronto– one with great style, great energy and great value, LOOK NO FURTHER- your search ends today.

These are the best tap dance classes for you to be in if you haven’t been in a while! You’ll quickly find that there’s NO OTHER CLASS quite like TAPDANCE MASTERY.

AND… When Your Register For TAPDANCE MASTERY You’ll Hotwire Your Metabolism and Boost Your Immune System- So You Can Finally STOP Getting Sick.

Get into a dance class that boosts your immune system

Get into a dance class that boosts your immune system

Behind The Scenes of a Toronto Tap Dance Class:

If You Want To Be A Sexy, Shining Example That Hard Work DOES Pay Off, Here’s How…

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own head that we prevent ourselves from learning something new. We say things like “oh it’s been so long, I can’t do that…” or “I’m too old…”

…and other nonsense that sometimes makes us unfairly limit and judge ourselves. We start analyzing and doubting so much that we don’t even give ourselves the opportunity to TRY. We become our own worst enemy.

Ever been there before?

So how do we break that self defeating mindset? The key to improving your skills is to START. Just start where you are! It builds courage. Habits can be broken with positive intention and action. Here’s a thought:

 Before you’re gonna be amazing you’re gonna be great;

Before you’re gonna be great you’re gonna be good;

Before you’re gonna be good you’re gonna be bad.


Everything takes TIME. You can get there.

And in our private sessions, you’re in the perfect environment to help you achieve your dance and fitness goals. Let’s get started.

Be positive! You CAN do this.

Be positive! You CAN do this.

Have Fun And Improve Your Tap Technique! Just Shuffle Over To The Most Central Spot In Downtown Toronto

BDX adult dance studio Toronto

BDX adult dance studio Toronto

Byfield Dance Experience

819 YONGE STREET, Toronto
(Lower Level)

Just a few steps North of Yonge/Bloor Subway

Do It Now

Energizing, Super-Fun and Goal-Oriented Tap Dance Sessions That You Must Attend Weekly

These are exclusive, registered term classes where students participate once a week. This is like school, you register for every Tuesday and STICK WITH IT for the entire season (Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn season.)

There are NO drop in classes for this private session.

If you want to improve, you’ll have to make a commitment to yourself to be in class every week. This is not a drop in whenever you want, and “if you don’t make it you don’t make it” type of format.

*** TO BE CLEAR ***

No, you don’t get your money back if you don’t come. If that’s what you’re looking for, sorry- this is not for you. Please don’t take a spot if you can not plan your schedule accordingly.

We have a reputation of creating RESULTS with CONSISTENCY. If you can not commit, then please let someone else have your spot today.

BUT… if you want a high-energy class with regular faces you’ll grow to know, in a safe and fun environment where we encourage and challenge each other to reach new levels of dance and fitness week, after week, after week… and if you’re looking to surround yourself with other positive, hard working friends just like you, want to be inspired and change your life…

…then welcome to the club! You’ll quickly see how fast you can get better.

Yes, you CAN do it. Scroll down to register below and get your spot.


** NOTE: This is NOT a class for beginners or newbies. For BEGINNER tap dance click here **


Toronto tap dance class at Byfield Dance Experience

Toronto tap dance classes at Byfield Dance Experience

YES! You Deserve To Have FUN And Reward Yourself.

My friend, now YOU need to make a choice. You deserve to dance and HAVE FUN! You deserve a fun tap class that challenges your feet, inspires more rhythm and leaves you feeling stronger and GREAT about your body! Why not reward yourself with some FUN in your life… AND get in shape at the same time?

Yes it’s true: tap dance IS excellent exercise.

If that’s what you want, then TAPDANCE MASTERY is perfect for you.

I don’t expect you to make this your career, but I do want you to live in the moment, love, laugh, and enjoy a healthy, balanced life.

We truly can’t wait to dance with you in class. Sign up below, put it in your calendar and tell a friend to join with you. All experienced tap dancers welcome, even if it’s been a while.

Welcome to your new family!

– Shawn Byfield

NOTE: You can not register if class is already full. (It will say SOLD OUT)

Quick, easy, safe and secure payment options

Payment is Secure

Save Your Spot For Only $249 

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Write these dates down!

Tapdance Mastery
July 11th – August 29th @ 6pm

Register for Tuesday Tap Dance

Love tap dance? Need tap dance? Used to tap dance? This class is PERFECT for adults who have good, solid training and want a fun, rhythmic challenge. We help you revive the days when you used to tap circles around everyone else.

YES! Save My Spot For Tuesday Tap Dance

PS: This is NOT a tap dance class for beginners or newbies. These private TAPDANCE MASTERY sessions will push, challenge and inspire you to a new level. You’ll learn sweet new tap dance steps, improve your technique and get fantastic tap choreography… Don’t be the one who misses out.

PPS: These dance classes fill quickly. In order to avoid the disappointment of missing out on a potentially life-changing tap dance experience, you should register directly online TODAY, right now. You’ll be done in 90 seconds!


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