Hip Hop Dance Classes

hip hop dance class Toronto

Hip hop dance class Toronto

GREAT NEWS: Here’s The Toronto Dance Class Everyone’s Talking About…

Hip Hop Dance Workout!


“Experience Toronto’s Only Dance Studio For ADULTS That Keeps You Fit, Immediately Improves Your Health…

And Teaches You Killler, Head-Turning Dance Moves In A Positive Learning Environment That Doesn’t Exist Anywhere Else… PERIOD”

From: Shawn Byfield
Date: Friday afternoon, 1:59 pm
Re: Adult Hip Hop Classes in Toronto

Dear hip hop dance lover,

Are you looking for a kick-ass, energizing, inspiring and drama-free hip hop dance class?

Do you secretly want to feel great knowing you have a stronger, sexier, slimmer and healthier body?

If you’re screaming “YES!” then your search ends RIGHT NOW. You’re gonna love what this page teaches you.

But PLEASE don’t pee your pants when you read the good dance news, because now you can also:

Get Stronger Arms, A Sexier Stomach and Learn Awesome Dance Moves

Hip hop class in Toronto

Starting today, you can get access to beginner and intermediate level HIP HOP DANCE WORKOUT classes at Byfield Dance Experience (BDX).

Known for it’s red walls, friendly faces and positive atmosphere, BDX is one of the best dance studios in Toronto for recreational adult hip hop dance classes.

You’ll immediately love it here. Keep reading to find out why…

Spend Quality Time Learning The Moves From Toronto’s Most Sought-Out Instructors, At Canada’s #1 Dance Studio For Adults

Shawn Byfield at Byfield Dance Experience

Shawn Byfield at Byfield Dance Experience


Dustin Pym

Dustin Pym


Dorian Grant

Dorian Grant

It’s important for you to know that not every dancer makes a good dance teacher. Sure, they may dance circles around everyone on stage.

But when it comes to breaking down steps and the technique of teaching… some are just impatient, rude and just too into themselves to lead an effective class. At Byfield Dance Experience, that just won’t cut it.

When you join us at BDX, you’ll be with expert dance instructors who will make you feel respected, yet challenge and encourage you to grow and improve.

Your Time Is Valuable To Us.

With That In Mind, Your Pro HIP HOP DANCE WORKOUT Coaches Promise To Always:

  • Be encouraging and patient with you- so you can learn the steps without feeling under pressure
  • Create a positive and uplifting atmosphere- which makes you want to participate and get even more involved
  • Challenge you and safely push your abilities- so you’ll come back the next class a notice a bit more improvement
  • Make you sweat- so you can burn a ton of calories and shed that those extra pounds you don’t need hanging around
  • Give you great tips for toning your body- to help keep you in top notch performance and looking great
  • Skillfully create and break down awesome choreography- so you’ll easily learn new moves to take home with you
  • Share “real world” dance experience and performance stories- and learn from other people’s past experiences
  • Keep you focused and entertained throughout class- which boosts your enjoyment, so you’ll never feel like leaving
  • Give you a wicked dance workout- and keep your body working hard, looking hot and feeling great
  • Break down and count the music- to make it easy for you to hear the timing and know exactly what beats you should listen to
  • Easily break down the steps you’re learning- which makes it easier for your brain to absorb the steps piece by piece
  • Fully demonstrate what the moves should look like- so you get a mental picture and feel for the teacher’s style
  • Give specific, detailed and non-judgmental feedback- so you know exactly what you can do to advance your level and your career
  • Encourage you to feel great about yourself- so you can bring out your inner confidence and rock yo’ body without “feeling like a nerd”! =)
  • And so much, much more… definitely something you’ll understand when you EXPERIENCE it in person!



Wonder What Our Students Have To Say?

“A non-competitive environment, where everyone supports one another…”

Not only is Shawn’s class a great high energy workout, it is also the best therapy. When you leave the studio, you feel genuinely happy, not matter how you felt before you started the class. It’s all due to his amazing approach to teaching. He creates a non-competitive environment, where everyone supports one another, and every single person has an amazing time! I had a blast in his class because I learned a lot, danced a lot, was surrounded by good people, had a ton of fun, sweat a lot, and best of all, left with a huge smile on my face!!


– Brittany Danishevsky

“A great way to stay/get in shape, and improve overall fitness…”

Taking classes at BDX has been incredibly enjoyable. It is a great place to dance and learn, no matter what level of a dancer you are. A great place for people to start out and explore dance, and a great place for people with training to get their dance on! It is a friendly, laid back, energetic environment with amazing instructors. I love each instructor’s diversity in style and choreography. From dancing, I feel an improvement in my energy level, my coordination, my agility, my flexibility, and my overall athleticism. I found that with consistency, dancing has been a great way to stay/get in shape, and improve overall fitness. BDX is a wonderful place to be a part of. Unlimited, ultimate confidence boosts when taking classes at BDX. Thank you to Shawn and the rest of the BDX family.

– Terence Lo

“Allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and gain more confidence meeting new people…”

BDX classes far exceeded my expectations, it was ALOT  of fun . The environment exuded positive energy and such a great place to be in. You get to meet interesting people from all walks of life and they all have a craving to dance. Personally it has help me develop , not only as dancer but also allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and gain more confidence meeting new people. Shawn is inspirational , charismatic and an extremely  talented individual with a huge heart. I highly recommend his classes to anyone . Just a life changing experience. Don’t miss out!

– Ian Dela Cruz

This Is Where BEGINNERS LEARN To Dance. Newbies, Two-Left-Footers And Awkward People Welcome.

Hip Hop Santa at BDX

Need a workout but hate exercising?

So does Santa. We’re the official dance workout partner for Mr Claus himself. =) You probably have a few concerns by now, like:

  • “I’m not a dancer… I’m so awkward! Is this right for me?”
  • “I haven’t danced in [x] years… I’m intimidated by how hard this looks.”
  • “I’m really out of shape. Can I keep up?”
  • “I’ve been training a while… Will I be challenged enough?”

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve NEVER danced before. **This is a Newbie-Friendly facility.** The less training and experience you have, the better.
  • It doesn’t matter if you USED to dance when you were younger, and you’re rusty.
  • Heck, it doesn’t even matter if you’re trying to make dance your FULL TIME profession or just want a way to shed a few pounds.

Whatever your experience (or lack of it), we have different levels of classes for you to choose from.




Here’s 15 Reasons Why A HIP HOP DANCE WORKOUT Class Will Dramatically Improve Your Health

  1. Work the largest muscle in your body- your heart- and decrease your chances of getting blood clots, strokes or heart problems
  2. Increase the efficiency of your digestive system, which may reduce your chances of colon cancer
  3. STOP SLOUCHING and improve your posture! The warm up exercises alone will help you to stand tall, sit up straight and finally stop slouching like a hunchback
  4. Work on showing off your sexy “six pack”. Tone up your stomach muscles, increase your core strength and START FEELING GREAT about your tummy
  5. Strengthen your thighs, hamstrings and calf muscles so your legs don’t feel as weak and tired- and improve the stability in your knees
  6. Get a round, HEAD-TURNING ASS! Yeah we said it- Tone up those butt muscles and give those “cheeks” an all-round booty-licious, head-turning shape up
  7. Feel more desirable and attractive, and feel confident about your physical appearance. Go ahead and stop traffic with your sexy body!
  8. Make your breathing easier! Dance helps you to take bigger breaths and fill your lungs, which improves lung capacity and gives you more energy and mental clarity
  9. LADIES: Firm up your breasts- Yes ladies, dance helps firm up your skin tissue, so you can get extra lift and perkiness. No Wonder!
  10. LOSE those extra pounds! While you sweat and groove to the music your body will burn calories and IGNITE UNWANTED FAT
  11. Increase your blood circulation throughout your entire body- keeping your cells healthier and eliminate cellular waste quicker
  12. Improve your memory and mental well being, and you’ll find it easier to retain more information and REDUCE YOUR STRESS
  13. Improve your skin tone, texture and appearance- allow your skin’s pores to breathe and glow (and clear up those blemishes)
  14. Feel more alert and energized from the extra oxygen to your brain. Now you can fully focus on those everyday tasks
  15. INSOMNIACS: Finally you will FALL ASLEEP FASTER! Get some rest at the end of the day, improve sleeping patterns and wake up recharged from a deep, full night’s slumber…

…And to top it off, you’ll always be in a totally FUN environment that will keep you focused and motivated to reach your fitness goals, week after week.

PLUS: When Your Register For HIP HOP DANCE WORKOUT You’ll Hotwire Your Metabolism and Boost Your Immune System- So You Can Finally STOP Getting Sick.

Get into a dance class that boosts your immune system

Get into a dance class that boosts your immune system

* * * * *
Isn’t It Time You TOOK CHARGE Of Your Body?
You’re Worth It. RSVP And Get The Details At The BOTTOM Of This Page
* * * * *

5 More No-Brainer Reasons How HIP HOP DANCE WORKOUT  Dramatically Improves Your Overall Health

(Wow, You REALLY Need More??)

1.    Hip hop dancing will help you tone and strengthen your muscles. Every class starts with a variety of stretches, push ups, sit ups and other body toning exercises.

2.    Hip hop classes will increase your energy. Breathe in, breathe out! The cardio gets you breathing, increasing oxygen to your brain and helping you feel more energized.

3.    Hip hop dance lessons will help you sweat out toxins. No wonder dancers have glowing skin! Clear your pores, reduce acne and feel better about your skin’s appearance.

4.    Hip hop classes will also brighten your mood. Funky music and positive people are contagious. The energy in a hip hop dance class will always lift your spirits and reduce stress.

5.    Hip hop lessons at BDX are an excellent alternative to hitting the gym. WHY bore yourself on a treadmill? WHY feel intimidated from juice jockeys comparing pecks? Our hip hop dance workout class will make you feel free from judgement, and inspired to grow.

Do Any Of These Simple To Achieve Benefits Work For You?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I DO know many of our students have noticed these direct benefits from their membership at Byfield Dance Experience:

  • Better flexibility throughout their bodies
  • Improved memory and ability to think clearer and faster
  • Can touch their toes without grunting
  • Can do handstands again
  • Much better balance and stability
  • Skin starts to feel and LOOK younger
  • Lost weight in their thighs, stomach and heaven forbid- their ass
  • Start to eat properly and make healthier food choices
  • Are more personable around others and have better social skills
  • Become better at balancing everyday stresses
  • All benefits (and more) come just from having FUN with us CONSISTENTLY- just a few times monthly over a year of training

“I have never been surrounded by such pure positive energy… I’m truly addicted…”

Love is what you feel when you walk through the doors at BDX. Im gonna try to put in words how much I love love love coming here. It’s so much more than just a dance studio and I’m not sure if Shawn knows how special BDX truly is.

I have never been surrounded by such pure positive energy… I’m truly addicted.. Wild horses couldn’t keep me away. You will experience everything from excitement, encouragement to laughter and a butt kicking work out that is so much fun you will feel like your in a P Diddy video.

You will defiantly be challenged to learn and grow in your dance skills fir-sure .. But that seems like the icing on the cake because the experience of that “pure positive energy” touches all aspects of you as a person that can be taken into your every day life and makes you a better person.. See!!! Not just a dance studio… Sooo much more 🙂

Shawn shares his amazing talent but more than that he opens his heart to everyone that walks through the doors as BDX and we all defiantly feel the love. When you feel better you look better and everyone in your life benefits from that!!!
– Tammy Fantauzzi

“Behind The Scenes” of hip hop dance class choreography:

If You Want To Be A Sexy, Shining Example That Hard Work Pays Off, Here’s What You Gotta Do…

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own head that we prevent ourselves from learning something new. We say things like “oh it’s been so long, I can’t do that…” or “I’m too old…”

…and other nonsense that sometimes makes us unfairly limit and judge ourselves. We start analyzing and doubting so much that we don’t even give ourselves the opportunity to TRY. We become our own worst enemy.

Ever been there before?

So how do we break that self defeating mindset? The key to improving your skills is to START. Just start where you are. It builds courage.

Habits can be broken with positive intention and action. Here’s a thought:

Before you’re gonna be amazing you’re gonna be great;

Before you’re gonna be great you’re gonna be good;

Before you’re gonna be good you’re gonna be bad.


Everything takes TIME. You can and will get there.

And in our Toronto Hip Hop Dance Workout sessions, you’re in the perfect environment to help you achieve your dance and fitness goals.

Quickly grab your spot at the bottom of this page and let’s get started.

Have Fun, Lose Weight and Get Yo’ Groove On At The Most Central Spot In Downtown Toronto

Toronto adult dance studio Byfield Dance Experience

Toronto adult dance studio Byfield Dance Experience

819 YONGE STREET, Toronto (Lower Level)

Just a few steps North of Yonge/Bloor Subway

Do It Now

Energizing, Super-Fun and Goal-Oriented Sessions That You  Must Attend Weekly

These are exclusive, registered term sessions where students participate one day a week, on the day you choose.

This is like school, you register for one specific day and STICK WITH IT for the entire session.

There are NO drop in classes for this private session. You are expected to attend every class. It’s only 90 minutes of your week- that can have dramatic effects when you decide to join us.

If you want to improve, you’ll have to make a commitment to yourself to be in class every week. This is not a drop in whenever you want, and “if you don’t make it you don’t make it” type of format.

 *** TO BE CLEAR ***

No, you don’t get your money back if you don’t come. If that’s what you’re looking for, sorry- this is not for you. Please don’t take a spot if you can not plan your schedule accordingly.

We have a reputation of creating RESULTS with CONSISTENCY. If you can not commit, then please let someone else have your spot today.

BUT… if you want to make time for yourself, in a high-energy class with regular faces you’ll grow to know, in a totally safe and fun environment where we encourage and challenge each other to reach new levels of dance and fitness week, after week, after week… and if you’re looking to surround yourself with other positive, hard working friends just like you, want to be inspired and change your life…

…then welcome to the club! You’ll quickly see how fast you can get better.

What To Bring?

1) Water & towel for your sweat
2) a positive attitude for your mind
3) your A+ work ethic for your body, and
4) CLEAN running shoes! Don’t wear your outdoor street shoes to class, that’s just gross.

Yes, you CAN do it. Scroll down to register and save your spot!



YES! You Deserve To Have FUN And
Reward Yourself.

Visit The Bottom Of This Page To
Register For The Next Session

My friend, now YOU need to make a choice. You deserve to dance and HAVE FUN! You deserve to feel stronger, healthy and GREAT about your body! Why not reward yourself with some FUN in your life… AND get in shape at the same time?

It’s a no-brainer.

If that’s what you want, then HIP HOP DANCE WORKOUT is perfect for you.

I don’t expect you to make this your career, but I do want you to live in the moment, love, laugh, and enjoy a healthy, balanced life.

We truly can’t wait to dance with you in hip hop class. Put it in your calendar and tell a friend to join with you. All dancers welcome. Welcome to the family!

– Shawn Byfield

NOTE: You can not register if class is already full. (It will say SOLD OUT)

Payment is Secure

Save Your Spot For Only $249

↓ ↓ ↓


Write these dates down!

Beginner Adult Hip Hop
July 10th – August 28th @ 6pm

Click Here To Join Monday Class



Write these dates down!

Beginner Adult Hip Hop
July 12th – August 30th @ 6pm


Hip Hop Dance Workout. This class is for: newbies, awkward adults, and two-left-footers with little to no experience… but have a desire to learn and have fun!


PS: These private HIP HOP DANCE WORKOUT sessions will push, challenge and inspire you to a new level. You’ll learn sweet new hip hop dance moves, get a fantastic ass-kicking experience (and a fabulous ass to match) and finally start feeling better about your physical and mental health. Don’t be the one who misses out.

PPS: These dance classes fill quickly… so HURRY. In order to avoid the disappointment of missing out on a potentially life-changing dance and fitness experience, you should register directly online TODAY, right now. You’ll be done in 90 seconds!


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