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Sure, I could tell you how great our hip hop dance classes are for your fitness level.

And yes, I could tell you all about the amazing tap dance choreography you’ll learn. I could also tell you about the friendships you’ll develop, the weight you’ll lose, the tons of encouragement and positivity our team gives…

…but until you hear it from someone else, it’s just me tooting our own horn. So here’s what real people JUST LIKE YOU have to say. THANK YOU for being a fan!

– Shawn B


What Everyone’s Saying About
Toronto’s Favourite Dance Classes


“Before BDX, I was so focused on dancing within my comfort zone that it kept me from growing more. When I came to BDX for the first time, I was nervous because it was a new studio. Within minutes of the class beginning, I was able to be ME because of the vibe within the dance students. It was a free environment that I felt comfortable expanding my creativity and passion. The tremendous staff have allowed me to reach the next level of my dancing by pushing me to add my own style into each piece of choreography. The location is tremendous, just minutes away from the subway station at Bloor and Yonge, and conveniently located across from a fabulous Greek Food joint to satisfy cravings after a hard workout.

After each and every dance class, I leave with a huge smile because I was able to start my week just right. Whether your just beggining to dance, BDX is the #1 place I would recommend because it allows you to have a good time, and that’s all that matters, a good time to allow yourself to enhance your skills and start your week just right with releasing energy.” – Olesya

“I can’t say enough good things about BDX. Incredible classes for an equally incredible price. Thanks to BDX I can now consider myself a dancer.” – Jake

“I absolutely love BDX – the vibe, the people, the classes, the location, everything. There’s no studio in Toronto that offers so much energy jam-packed into hour-long classes and 45-minute workouts. My friends and I started going to BDX because it was so conveniently located and were hooked immediately. I’m not sure where time goes, but it’s been over two years and we’re just as dedicated as when we started, and that says A LOT.

Whether you’re just beginning your dance career, or have years of experience under your belt and want to enhance your skill and have a good time, this studio is for you.” – Erica

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“BDX has been my second home for the past 3 years and when I say home, I mean home! A place where I get to be myself, have fun and grow. With experience dancing in many many dance studios in Toronto and other countries, I have to say BDX is the only studio I feel emotionally attached to. This is truly a place where learning and having fun intertwine!” – Jason

“I love this place! Not only the dance teaching is fabulous, great dance studio always keeping it fun and challenging at the same time! But the environment is super friendly, it makes you feel welcome and part of the family instantly!.. I absolutely recommend this place for people that love to dance and have fun!… Great work out for the mind and body!.. I absolutely LOVE THIS DANCE STUDIO!” – Maria

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