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If you didn’t know, here’s the news… After an incredible decade on Yonge Street, Byfield Dance Experience, Toronto’s favourite dance classes for adults, has officially CLOSED.

We closed early 2019, and moved out of our Yonge Street dance studio in the heart of Toronto. Thank you for all your interest and support!

Keep in touch!

– Shawn Byfield


“Want To Learn BEGINNER TAP Dance? Toronto’s MOST FUN Tap Dance Sessions Teach You How”

FINALLY – You CAN Learn How To Tap Dance in Toronto, Step-By-Step

Learn beginner tap dance Toronto
Learn beginner tap dance Toronto

If You’ve Been Dying To Learn HOW TO TAP DANCE And CAN’T WAIT To Finally Learn How From An Expert, Then YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE

Press To Watch Beginner tap dance class on Toronto’s Breakfast Television

Toronto’s #1 Tap Dance School For ADULTS Teaches You Basics Of Tap Dancing

Learn The Right Moves, Right Here

Always wanted to learn how to tap dance in Toronto?

You can enjoy adult BEGINNER tap dance lessons at Canada’s favourite dance studio for regular adults, Byfield Dance Experience (called BDXstudio for short.)

Once you take beginner tap dance classes at Byfield Dance Experience, you’ll learn the basics of tap dancing, step-by-step, from a pro.

That’s extremely important. We pride ourselves in being Canada’s #1 dance studio for adults to learn to tap dance, get fun exercise and enjoy terrific inspiration while you meet new friends!

NO MORE wasting time trying to find out where to learn tap dance in Toronto.
NO MORE worrying if you’ll enjoy yourself, let alone learn anything inspiring.
NO MORE spending money on crappy tap classes that just didn’t make the cut.

BDX Toronto dance studio featured on Breakfast Televison

BDX Toronto dance studio featured on Breakfast Televison

YES You CAN Learn Basics Of Tap Dancing!

These One-of-a-Kind Lessons Teach You:

• How to learn and master essential tap dance steps like TAPS, SHUFFLES, DIGS and FLAPS
• How to make some noise with STAMPS, STOMPS AND CHUGS
• How to learn about musicality and how to perfect your rhythms
• How to learn basic tap dance terminology- don’t just walk the walk, but talk the talk!
• How to work on your ear training- and improve your ability to learn steps faster and easier
• How to put yourself in an exciting dance atmosphere with great energy

Adult tap dance class in Toronto
Adult tap dance class in Toronto

In Just One Hour A Week, We Break It Down For You Step-By-Step And Show You EXACTLY What It Takes To Become A Tap Dancer…

…Even If You’ve NEVER Danced A Day In Your Life!

Press to watch even MORE beginner tap dance on television! Try the moves right now

Need Tap Dance?

Read Every Word On This Page And You’ll Discover EXACTLY Where To Go To Learn…

• How to improve your coordination, and feel less awkward
• How to learn from a fun and encouraging tap dance teacher
• Where to hear some personal tap dance stories and experiences
• How to safely meet new people, and make cool new friends
• How to understand how to tap and count like a musician
• How to tapdance with more confidence and get more sound from your feet
• Where to find great tap dance music and supplies
• And friend, there’s so much more

Toronto tap dance class at BDX

Toronto tap dance class at BDX

Did You Know: A Tap Dance Class Is A Great All-Body Workout? When You Tap Dance With Us You’ll Love The New-Found ENERGY. You’ll Discover:

• How to develop more strength and balance
• How to strengthen and improve your posture and poise
• How to build and develop muscle control
• How to notice your breathing and stamina becomes easier
• How to train you body to move faster
• How to get active and your heart rate going
• How to circulate more oxygen throughout your body

Tap dancing is definitely a “boot camp workout” for your brain and your body, just as much as your feet. And trust us- it’s a hell of a lot more exciting than a boring run on the treadmill.


“It didn’t matter that I hadn’t put on a pair of tap shoes in over 35 years”

This is an awesome place! I started coming here about 2 years ago for tap classes and it didn’t matter that I hadn’t put on a pair of tap shoes in over 35 years. Everyone in the class was welcoming and willing to share their knowledge and experience.

People come here to achieve many different goals including (among others): to improve their dance technique, to learn something new, to improve their fitness level and coordination and to de-stress and have fun… After class I always leave the studio energized, inspired and looking forward to the next class.

– Carolyne Pehora

“A welcoming and inspiring dance studio”

I have been taking tap classes at BDX for years. It is truly such a welcoming and inspiring dance studio. I always have a smile on my face while dancing and for hours after!

– Jamie Maddalena

“A patient teacher who taught with ease and confidence”

After trying out many stressful forms of exercise (martial arts, hectic gym drop-in classes, even more hectic solo gym sessions) I decided to give tap dance a try. According to online reviews, BDX seemed like a good place for an adult to begin learning tap dance for the first time. This was absolutely true for me.

I started beginner tap dance classes with Rebecca Mastoras at BDX in 2013, and found her to be a patient teacher who taught with ease and confidence. I continued taking her class for several years, and learned enough to advance to the intermediate class. Contrary to the other forms of exercise that I have tried over the years, dance classes at BDX are immensely social and positive. Tap classes at BDX are the highlight of my week, and I strongly recommend this dance studio to others.”

– Laura Feldman

“Effort to make sure everyone feels welcome & comfortable”

This has been the best adult tap class I’ve ever attended hands down! Both challenging & fun and Shawn really makes an effort to make sure everyone feels welcome & comfortable & ready-to-let-go-and-simply-live-in-the-moment and i think that’s awesome 🙂

– Marianne Roaldi

Read More Reviews Here


We can only hold so many people. Our studio is small, but mighty! Scroll to the bottom of this page and reserve YOUR spot, before we have to close the doors…

Toronto dance studio BDX - Shawn Byfield

Meet Your Knowledgeable, Fun And Incredibly Patient Tap Dance Instructors

Dorian Grant BDX tap dance teacher
Dorian Grant BDX tap dance teacher
Rebecca Mastoras BDX tap dance teacher
Rebecca Mastoras BDX tap dance teacher
Beginner Tap Dance expert Rebecca on Breakfast Television

Beginner Tap Dance expert Rebecca on Breakfast Television

YES! Where?

Toronto’s Favourite BEGINNER Tap Dance Lessons at Byfield Dance Experience

819 Yonge Street, Toronto

“Where Do I Get Tap Shoes in Toronto? What Kind Do I Get?”

TAP SHOES? Yes, you WILL need to borrow or purchase tap dance shoes if you don’t have any. We recommend:

Malabar Dance & Theatre Supplies
14 McCaul Street, Downtown Toronto
Tel:(416) 598-2581

Beginner Tap Dance Shoes
Beginner Tap Dance Shoes

What kind of tap dance shoes to purchase for class? Get a pair of FLAT SOLED LEATHER SHOES.

  • No 3 inch heels.
  • No shiny patent leather.
  • No jazz shoes with taps on the bottom.

beginner tap dance shoe

The sole should be sturdy and NOT “split soled” like a flexible jazz shoe. Think men’s flat dress shoe.

If they look cute, like a 5 year old would wear them with bows, DON’T buy them. Look at the shoes above and get those.
SECRET: Tell them you train at Byfield Dance Experience and you get a discount. It’s OK if you don’t have tap shoes your first week. Just come in FLAT, hard soled, non-marking dress shoes.

And bring a towel. Tap dance is an intense rush. Yes, you’ll get sweaty!

There’s your info. Each tap dance session will leave you inspired and feeling awesome. Yes! You’re finally doing it!

If you have questions please VISIT THE STUDIO and come talk to us. We’re real people. No question is dumb, we’ll answer all your questions with a smile.


You Deserve To Have Fun And Reward Yourself

My friend, now YOU need to make a choice. You deserve to dance and HAVE FUN! You deserve a fun new activity in a tap class that challenges your feet, inspires your mind, and leaves you feeling GREAT about life.

Why not reward yourself by choosing to add more FUN in your life, develop a new passion… AND get in shape at the same time?

SPACE IS LIMITED, so reserve your spot today. We look forward to tap dancing with you!

Shawn Byfield



PS: You’ve seen tap dance photos. You’ve watched the tap dance videos. Heck, Breakfast Television was live at our dance studio because even THEY know the absolute best place to learn to tap dance is our place, right here in Toronto. Even CP24 Breakfast contacts us when they need a tap expert. There’s no question we’re the best tap dance class for you.

PPS: If you’ve always wanted to learn how to tap dance, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Save your spot in the next tap lessons right now, and start learning the basics. You’ll be glad you did. There’s a class for COMPLETE NEWBIES waiting for you. But HURRY… they fill fast! You’ll love your new tap dance family.

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