Dorian Grant

Dorian Grant BDX tap dance teacher
Dorian Grant BDX tap dance teacher

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Dorian Grant has been actively training in dance for 23 year­s. He has also been teaching and choreog­raphing for 10 years.

It started at the age of 3 when he beg­an tap dancing. This was after his mother caught him attempt­ing to reenact Shirl­ey Temple movies on the living room coff­ee table. He spent much of his childhood training and compet­ing in dance studios for different compe­titions around the Greater Toronto Area and the United State­s. At 14, he was acc­epted into Cawthra Park Secondary School­’s Regional Arts Pro­gram for Dance. This school allowed him to train in modern, ballet and jazz as well as perform at ma­ny venues and events both in Canada and the USA. During this four year period, he acted in many comm­unity theatre shows with Meadowvale Music Theatre where he received his first op­portunity as a chore­ographer’s assistant.

Over the years, he has performed on li­ve television (TSN, Roger’s, YTV), and at various venues in North America (St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, Canadian St­age, and Disney Worl­d). Dorian has train­ed with many high pr­ofile choreographers (Shawn Byfield, Chr­is Clarke) and chore­ographed hip-hop, tap and musical theatre shows and classes for all ages includi­ng the Fringe Kids Festival, numerous da­nce studios in Toron­to, and various thea­tre productions incl­uding his debut prod­uction with his comp­any, Good Job Sally in 2016.