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If you didn’t know, here’s the news… After an incredible decade on Yonge Street, Byfield Dance Experience, Toronto’s favourite dance classes for adults, has officially CLOSED.

We closed early 2019, and moved out of our Yonge Street dance studio in the heart of Toronto. Thank you for all your interest and support!

Keep in touch!

– Shawn Byfield

Welcome, Champ!

Good to know you want in the ring! By being here, you get access to January 2019 dance classes NOW, before anyone else. Enjoy your secret early access!

Public access begins this Friday, and they’ll come in swinging… Once that happens, you’ll have to fight your way in.

Avoid the stress, and grab your spot right now!

Learn To Tap Dance!
(Complete Newbies / Returning Beginners)

SUNDAYS 4pm | January 6th – March 24th | Only $299.97

Hip Hop Dance Workout!

MONDAYS 6pm | January 14th – March 25th | Only $299.97

Hip Hop Dance Workout!

WEDNESDAYS 6pm | January 16th – March 20th | Only $299.97

Intermediate Tap Dance
(Stronger Tap Dancers)

** More Challenge, You Are A Stronger Dancer

TUESDAYS 6:15pm | January 8th – March 26th | Only $299.97

Elementary Tap Dance
(Experienced Tap Dancers)

** Moderate Challenge, You’re Still Working At It

TUESDAYS 7:30pm | January 8th – March 26th | Only $299.97