PLAYLIST! Get Sizzling Dance Music

You already know dance classes always rock at BDX! It doesn’t matter what day you visit the dance studio. But hot, catchy music plays an important role in a truly energizing, memorable dance class. Whether it be tap dance classes or hip hop classes, you’ll always hear great tunes to get your groove on.

Music Makes The World Go ‘Round

Time to expand your Blackberry, Android or iThingy playlist? Can’t remember that song we did? Here’s a selection of sizzling music we’ve used in the past few weeks:

  • Moneyshot – SHAWN DESMAN
  • Creep – TLC
  • Sock It To Me – MISSY ELLIOTT
  • Love In This Club – USHER
  • Ayer y Hoy – BROWNOUT
  • Key To Your Heart – ANDREENA MILL
  • One Minute Man – MISSY ELLIOTT
  • I’ll Eat You Up – BOA
  • Glamourous Life – SHEILA E
  • Say It With Me – CHRIS BROWN
  • Beautiful People – CHRIS BROWN
  • Nothing On You – JACOB LATTIMORE
  • Cruizin’ – D’ANGELO
  • Don’t Stop The Party – BLACK EYED PEAS

Get them on your device of choice, then join us at BDX to hear the latest. It’s always a dance party!


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