5 Ways Hip Hop Classes in Toronto Improves Your Health

Five No-Brainer Ways Adult Hip Hop Classes in Toronto Improves Your Overall Health

Hip hop classes Toronto
Hip hop classes Toronto

Let’s face it. Few adults REALLY like to exercise.

It takes effort. It takes scheduling. And sometimes you just don’t feel motivated. Right?

Also, nobody likes being stared down at the gym by prying eyes, trying to figure out if your single or straight, there to “work out” or there to “pick up. For example:

Gym Or Fitness Club Awkward Scenario #1

[Greasy steroid guy starts staring]

“Hey hottie, how you doin?”

Eww! No response from you, of course

[Obvious & uncomfortable staring continues]

“Nice ass. Here, let me help you with your ‘form’…”

Ladies, don’t you hate that? Since when was the gym a pick-up spot for meat head jerks? And guys, don’t you hate the judging, and comparison talks in the locker room?

Gym Or Fitness Club Awkward Scenario #2

[Naked greasy steroid guy in men’s locker room]

“Eyy bro. How much can you bench? I just crushed 200. What chu got, skinny boy?”

Clearly awkward. Your shlong is ah, pointing at me

Of course, not ALL Toronto gyms have creepy people. Some are just shady, and not really there to make a difference in their health. Gyms can be a fun, and great place to get your workout on- if you’re willing to tackle the extra grease. But…

…It’s a fact: sitting on your duff all day does NOTHING to keep you in shape.

But at Byfield Dance Experience, we have the ULTIMATE solution.

Need to improve your health? Why not avoid those awkward, uncomfortable situations and take an adult hip hop class instead? Wouldn’t that be a nice change?

Every dance class, surround yourself with respectful, positive-minded people just like you. Because whether you’re advanced or a beginner, here’s 5 simple reasons why a Toronto hip hop class is…

  A Positive Healthy Choice: Free Of Awkward Creepers

  1. Hip hop dancing tones and strengthens your muscles. Every class starts with a warm-up of stretching, pushups, sit ups and other body toning exercises.
  2. Hip hop classes increases your energy. Breath in, breathe out! The cardio gets you breathing, increases oxygen to your brain and immediately helps you feel more energized.
  3. Hip hop lessons help you sweat out toxins. No wonder dancers have glowing skin! Clear your pores, reduce acne and feel better about your skin’s appearance.
  4. Hip hop classes brighten your mood. Funky music and positive people are contagious. The energy in a hip hop dance class will always lift your spirits and reduce stress.
  5. Hip hop lessons at BDX is an excellent, proven alternative to hitting the gym. Why bore yourself on a treadmill? Why feel intimidated from juice jockeys comparing pecks? Hip hop dance leaves you feeling free and inspired.

Of course, there’s many more reasons why a Toronto hip hop class is excellent exercise. This is just the icing. Find out more for yourself and get back in shape!

A hip hop class Toronto
A hip hop class Toronto

Get Fit. Get Sexy. Get Into A BDX Hip Hop Class Today!