NEW SCHEDULE! Look Who’s At BDX This Week

Surprise! Starting, well, NOW- Byfield Dance Experience has a mix of Toronto’s TOP dance experts teaching tap dance classes, hip hop dance classes, dance workout classes and tap dance technique on a regular basis.

As always, only Canada’s most sought-out dance instructors hit the dance floor at BDX. Here’s who you’ll find this week, January 30th.

Monday: Jade Hollywood Anderson

Tuesday: Andrew Prashad & Kojo Tuch Mayne

Wednesday: Dustin Pym

Thursday: Kyle Brown & Kareem Byfield

Saturday: Jade Hollywood Anderson & Shawn Byfield

Sunday: Rebecca Lewis-Mastoras

New Schedule = Best Way To A Sexier, Healthier, Less Awkward & More Co-ordinated Life On And Off The Dance Floor

Click, print and stick on your fridge…

New BDX Toronto Dance Studio Schedule
New BDX Toronto Dance Studio Schedule

DON’T miss the killer dance choreography, physical challenges, excellent exercise and exciting adventures that happen daily at BDX. Get familiar with the NEW schedule and get to dance class.

Our Toronto dance studio doors are open for you. We’re here to make a DIFFERENCE in your life. Remember: Nobody makes a touchdown on the sidelines… Get in the game! Take charge of your health- and your life, and get your BDX membership today.