NEW! Dance Schedule For SMART Phone Users

NEW Dance Schedule For SMART Phone Users!

If you use a fancy smart phone, like an iPhone or one that runs on Android, or a cool tablet thingy, you’re in luck: Here’s a super-fast, compressed schedule of our Toronto dance classes you can download directly to your mobile device. It’s only 131 kb so it’ll hardly make a dent in your data or wireless usage.

Click the BDX schedule and save it on your phone:

BDX Toronto Dance Class Schedule
BDX Toronto Dance Class Schedule

Now you’ll always have Toronto’s hottest dance classes at your fingertips.

ATTENTION: If you’re STILL using a Blackberry… don’t worry. Lift your head up. Even though your phone isn’t the smartest, clicking the image works for you too!

So take a peek at your favourite classes on the dance schedule, and tweet a friend to join you in a great hip hop, tap dance class or dance workout with us. ALL ADULTS WELCOME. Visit us this week.

Click Here To Get Your BDX Dance Pass


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