Twitter Contest WINNER Revealed: What Do You Love Most About Tap Dance?

Toronto Dance Studio Byfield Dance Experience on Twitter
Toronto Dance Studio Byfield Dance Experience on Twitter

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“What Do You Love Most About Tap Dance?”
This week’s WINNER: @MrTieGuy



Congratulations! You’ve won a FREE Drop-In Pass to take dance classes at Byfield Dance Experience in Toronto. You must arrange to pick up your pass by Tuesday June 5th, or you lose the prize. Tweet us ASAP!


Thanks to all that participated. Here’s what you other tweeple had to say:

@GToffs @BDXstudio the ONLY time I’m myself &can let go of everything I’m feeling. Just focus on is the sounds I’m creating. No stress, just tap!!!

@tapnut @BDXstudio I love the endless rhythms, the blisters, the cramps, the outstanding teachers, the community, and I love the Shim Sham!! TAPPA

@twillerbee @BDXstudio can’t say as I’ve never done it but I love the idea of being able to do another form of dance that looks so fun and challenging!

@MisterTieGuy @BDXstudio Taps transform your shoes into a musical instrument. #taplove @everettzworld

@TLColford @BDXstudio I love that when you tap you aren’t dancing to music you become part of the music like a Jam Sesh.

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