Toronto’s Favourite Adult Hip Hop Dance Class – Even If You Don’t Dance

Toronto’s favourite dance class for adults. Get STRONGER ARMS, a SEXIER STOMACH and learn AWESOME DANCE MOVES in…


Starting today, you can get access to funky and fun HIP HOP DANCE WORKOUT classes at Byfield Dance Experience, right downtown at Yonge street and Bloor street.

Best known for it’s red walls, friendly faces and positive atmosphere, BDX is the best and favourite dance studio for recreational adult hip hop dance classes in Toronto . You’ll immediately love it here.

HIP HOP DANCE WORKOUT is a great source of dance fitness and workout motivation- even if you don’t dance!

Toronto's favourite hip hop dance workout class.
Toronto’s favourite hip hop dance workout class for adults.

Hip Hop Dance Workout is open to all adults in Toronto and GTA. Beginners welcome! But limited space available.

For more info on Toronto’s Favourite Hip Hop Dance Workout, visit:


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