Toronto dance class teachers at Byfield Dance Experience
Toronto dance class teachers at Byfield Dance Experience

Meet Your Expert Teachers at Byfield Dance Experience

It’s important for you to know that not every dancer makes a good dance teacher. Sure, they may dance circles around everyone on stage. But when it comes to breaking down steps and the technique of teaching… some are just impatient, rude and just too into themselves to lead an effective class.

At Byfield Dance Experience, that just won’t cut it. When you join us at BDX studio, you’ll learn from expert dance instructors in every class who make you feel respected, yet challenge and encourage you to grow and improve. Our professional teachers include:

Shawn Byfield | Kyle Brown | Rebecca Lewis-Mastoras | Jade Hollywood Anderson | Dustin Pym | Andrew Prashad | Chris Delos Reyes and other terrific guest dance instructors who rock your world.

Seasoned, In-Demand, Industry Professionals

All teachers at Byfield Dance Experience are not just expert dance coaches, they are in-demand professionals in theatre, television, film, music, fashion and other aspects of the Toronto entertainment industry.

When you get hands-on dance instruction from industry pros that are actually DOING what works– not just teaching what works, your skills grow exponentially whether you’re a newbie or an advanced performer. And the best part? You’ll love dancing with us more and more every single day.

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