CheerBody Toronto Fitness Class

Behind the scenes of  Toronto’s #1 Private Exercise Class

Need a workout that brings results? Well you may have heard Toronto’s latest fitness stir: CHEERBODY. What is it? Who is it? And how will it help you?

Discover Toronto’s Favourite Way To Look And Feel Your Absolute Best, EVER

Toronto #1 private exercise class Cheer Body

  • CHEERBODY is Toronto’s newest, PRIVATE fitness and group exercise class at Byfield Dance Experience.
  • This fun, energizing and challenging session is specifically designed to help young adults (men and women) who need their body to not just feel their best, but LOOK their best.
  • Expertly created and taught by one of the industry’s best fitness and cheer coaches, Brigitte Grenier!

Fitness Expert & Exercise Coach Brigitte Grenier

Fitness expert & exercise coach Brigitte Grenier

Brigitte Grenier, Toronto fitness expert and former Captain of the Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders knows exactly how to make bodies look game-time ready:

Everyone secretly wants a cheerleader body,” shares Grenier, “But not everyone knows what to do to get it. Also, most people aren’t willing to WORK for it. That’s where CHEER BODY comes in. Cheerleaders work super hard, but we know how to play hard too. I’m here to kick bootie- but in a fun way that leaves people feeling empowered.

  • This private group exercise session is held at Byfield Dance Experience, known for Canada’s favourite dance classes for adults.
  • This 75 minute class is specifically for: Toronto area men and women who want to maintain a strong, lean and youthful appearance- without appearing bulky- and want to look and feel their best
  • YOU SHOULD KNOW: Toronto’s top cheerleaders look the way they do, thanks to the butt-kicking they receive from Brigitte! Want that cheerleader confidence?

Visit to Learn More, And Meet Your Cheer, Dance & Fitness Expert Brigitte Grenier

Fitness Expert Brigitte Grenier & CheerBody featured in Optimyz Magazine
Fitness Expert Brigitte Grenier & CheerBody featured in Optimyz Magazine
Toronto fitness class Cheer Body on Breakfast Television
Toronto fitness class Cheer Body on Breakfast Television
  • Even after one short fitness class, participants feel the burn and notice a difference. Including this host from Breakfast Television- after just 10 minutes!
  • These sessions are for HARD WORKERS who are SERIOUS about reshaping their body, and want to feel terrific from head to toe.
  • This private fitness class is filled with positive energy, teamwork, and everyone is committed to building their confidence through exercise.
  • Average 20 SPOTS are available per session. This is a PRIVATE, registered only class exclusive to results-driven Toronto area residents who want to see and feel a difference.

HURRY! The last session sold out in 7 days… Seriously interested participants must RSVP in ADVANCE.

YES! Visit to Grab Your Spot


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