Yes! FREE Tap Dance Classes Are Alive In Toronto


Yes! Free Tap Dance Classes Are Alive- And SWINGIN’ At BDX!

Love tap dance? Need tap dance?

Want FREE tap dance?

Then come get a totally free tap dance class in Toronto, at Canada’s #1 tap dance studio for adults, Byfield Dance Experience. What you heard is true! Toronto’s favourite ADULT tap dance classes. You will get motivated in our elementary to advanced level tap dance lessons each week.

 Get Your Tap Shoes On- Even If You Haven’t Danced In Years

And the best part? Not only do you get a terrific, rhythmic and inspiring class… tap dancing is amazing exercise. And it doesn’t feel like you’re working out.

Intermediate to Advanced Level

  • TUESDAY Tap Technique 6:45pm | Tap Dance Choreography 7:30pm
  • THURSDAY Tap Technique 5:45pm
  • SATURDAY Tap Technique 12:15pm | Tap Dance Choreography 1pm

Elementary to Intermediate Level

  • TUESDAY Tap Dance Choreography 5:45pm | Tap Technique 6:45pm
  • THURSDAY Tap Technique 5:45pm
  • SATURDAY Tap Technique 12:15pm | Tap Dance Choreography 1pm

Nobody to call or email. Just show up. Look at our Toronto dance schedule and JUST SHOW UP. We’re only closed on holidays or special events. Look at the schedule right now, it will tell you when Toronto’s best tap dance classes happen, each and every week.

You can even see from your smartphone.

HEADS UP: We sweat while we tap dance. And we smile a lot too. If sweating and smiling scare you, this is not the dance studio for you. But if you always want to leave feeling inspired and eager to improve your tap skills each week, this is the best place for you to be.

Life IS a musical! Get excited, grab your tap shoes and shuffle down to our Toronto dance studio BDX.



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