Toronto Hip Hop Class Sends A POSITIVE Message

Toronto Hip Hop Class Sends a POSITIVE Message
Toronto Hip Hop Class Sends a POSITIVE Message

Hip Hop Class Sends a POSITIVE Message

Adults Citywide Flock To Popular Hip Hop Dance Class For An Enlightening Workout

TORONTO: Despite what negativity you may hear on the news or media, hip hop culture and dance sends an uplifting, energizing and POSITIVE message.

In hip hop, you’re free to express yourself without judgement. Hip hop encourages and helps others to lift themselves up, regardless of their current situation. Hip hop teaches us to work hard to be better, and make a difference in the lives of our family and community.

“Hip hop, culturally, has always been about the hustle. But more important than that- hip hop is about having other people’s back, and knowing they have yours”

– Shawn Byfield, Owner of Toronto’s Byfield Dance Experience

At Byfield Dance Experience, (BDX for short) we’re no different.

We share mad positive vibes all day, every day, in every hip hop class. We teach every student to be the best version of themselves. Black, White, Jewish, Muslim, Gay, Straight, Single, Married, Young, Youngish, Experienced or Complete Beginner… it doesn’t matter. We’re all celebrating dance and the thrill of being ALIVE.

Got beef? Bboys rumble not with knives and guns, but battle with moves & grooves. They show off their best dance moves, recognize skill in others, and give props when it’s all said and done. At BDX, we do our best to share encouragement through high-fives and cheer each other on when the sweat gets real.

(And trust us, the sweat gets REAL!)

When you need a hip hop class, Toronto Hip Hop Dance Workout never disappoints. See what’s up for yourself.

In every dance class at BDX, we embrace each other, we dance for the love of it, and we become better humans because of it.

Forget the naysayers. The truth is, hip hop class is definitely one of the best ways to add MORE positive energy to your life!

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