WATCH OUT! A Ninja-kick from a hairy Monkey

Seriously friends, if a 300 pound, hairy monkey out for revenge, ninja-kicked you right now (as in RIGHT NOW…) would you pay attention?

Let’s see:


Not right now silly. This holiday weekend. No classes Saturday, Sunday or Monday.


If you watched the video I sent you last week, you probably went ape sh#t over the pics. You also know that “Facebook Fridays” happen all summer long. Only on the BDX Facebook fan page:


(Congrats to the peeps that *paid attention* & grabbed a gorilla of a deal)

3.) Serious Monkey Business For TAP DANCE LOVERS:

The Crazy Tap Dance Intensive is near. One month away. If you’re tired of plain Jane, boring, vanilla-flavoured tap training and need a NINJA-KICK in your tap butt, then this is a MUST ATTEND event:



Three (3) inspiring workshops are already in the works: stiletto, contemporary, and white party. Taught by some pretty cool gibbons… Go to the BDX blogsite often for updates:


Ok! Now stop monkeying around. Get off your baboon butt and dance already.

– Shawn B


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