AMAZING 20/20 CONTEST: How ANYONE Can Win A FREE Drop In Dance Pass

BDX dance classes Toronto contest
Get 20/20 vision with the BDX dance class contest!

How ANYONE Can Win A FREE Drop In Dance Pass

Happy Summer Toronto dancers!

For this month only, starting August 1st and ending August 31st, everyone (that means every adult human being, age 18+ in the Greater Toronto Area) can participate in this month’s “Twenty 20/20 Twenty” contest. Here’s why:

At the optometrist office, you take a vision test where you look at individual letters from a distance. It’s an eye chart. Basically, you close one eye and you read the letters from 20 feet away. If you’ve taken the test you know the letters get smaller and smaller, right? That test opens up your eyes (literally) so you can SEE how great (or not great) your eyeballs are doing.

20/20 vision is the aim, which basically means both eyes see normally from a distance.

This month, we apply the same basic theory to our Toronto dance classes at Byfield Dance Experience (BDX). So you can SEE how well you’re attending AND track how well you grow as a dancer, mark your attendance on the 20/20 chart in the dance studio.

Each Class = ONE STAMP.

Anyone With 20 Stamps Or More WINS A Free Drop In Pass!

Here’s the math:

There are 83 classes total in August. Of course you won’t take all based on your skill level and dance style. BUT there ARE enough dance classes for EVERYONE to achieve 20 stamps and more, regardless of level and ability.

This month: CHALLENGE YOURSELF to attend more dance classes. CHALLENGE YOURSELF to do your best in each dance class. Make it a habit next month, and the following month, and you’ll see true growth and get the optimal experience from all the teachers and facility. Our BDX 20/20 test will dramatically help you

  • improve your brain,
  • shed a few pounds,
  • tone your muscles,
  • boost your stamina,
  • be more open and social,
  • better your dance style AND show your fellow dancers your clear commitment to growth.

So get a move on- because ANYONE can lead the race. Why not you?


…just for dancing. So get to the studio, write your name on the chart, dance your heart out and watch your progress. YOU CAN do it.

– Shawn B