Toronto Dance Studio ORDERS The City “Back To Work”

Toronto dance studio says "Get Back To Work"
Toronto dance studio says “Get Back To Work”

By order of the Coal Miner, Tinsmith & Dancemen Labour Union Associations, You have been officially ORDERED to disband all strikes, reckless cottaging, alcohol consumption and other nonsense, AND

Get Back To Work!!”

It’s official. Labour Day weekend is over… but the fun never stops at BDX! That’s why Toronto’s most awesome dance studio Byfield Dance Experience ORDERS you back to work.

Would you agree, that dance is a labour of love? Why would you want to miss that?

Best part is, our dance classes have all the lovin’ you’ll ever need. Now that’s “work” you can look forward to. All law abiding citizens must PRINT THIS NOTICE above and you’ll get a lovely 13.5% off any Drop In Pass or Membership this week. THIS WEEK ONLY. That’s all you have to do. Hard work? Hardly.

This week only means the offer ENDS SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8th, 3pm. Print it and receive your savings in person this week. No links, no webpage. Don’t wait to the last minute to strike…

…and don’t be a hooligan. Get your butt to the studio and let’s get back to work on the dance floor!

Shawn B