How To Avoid Being Sick, Get Into Terrific Shape And Feel Great NAKED

Liz Taylor

How To Avoid Being Sick, Get Into Terrific Shape And Feel Great NAKED

If you’ve been feeling like sh*t because that damn cold won’t go away, it’s because you need to strengthen your immune system. That’s not gonna happen if you:

A) Aren’t sleeping enough each night
B) Aren’t drinking enough water each day
C) Aren’t getting out of a toxic environment
D) Aren’t exercising enough

We’ve all been there. Being sick sucks donkey balls.

So if you want to feel healthier, the best way is to change one, or all of the above. I know for sure we can help you with that last one, in our Toronto hip hop class or shuffle over to our famous Toronto tap dance class. Good tunes, fun people and tons of cardio, strength training and sweat- all in an environment that encourages you and makes you feel, well, AWESOME.

And I’m sure you agree- awesome is a great feeling!

See how awesome Elizabeth Taylor looks in the photo above? It’s not called luck… it’s called WORK.

Wondering How To Get In Shape, WITHOUT Feeling Self-conscious Around Jerks And Rude Skinny B*tches At The Gym?

Your best answer is to come see us! And have fun doing it. YES, exercise can be F.U.N. Do you like fun?


How To Feel Good Naked? All You Have To Do Is…

Here’s the secret to feeling good naked:

If you want to OWN a fab body, you need to start EARNING it. And the best season to start is right now.

Avoid embarrassment, avoid always being sick, and avoid lame excuses on why you “can’t wear that” this year. Why not? Want to feel better with less clothes on? You know the answer…

…is RIGHT HERE under your fingertips. Come to BDX and feel more confident, one class at a time. All you have to do is show up, we’ll take care of the rest.

– Shawn Byfield