15 Reasons How Hip Hop Dance Class Dramatically Improves Your Health


Shawn here.

If you’ve been feeling run down, unfocused, or not in the best shape right now, trust me, you’re not alone.

Every day thousands of Toronto’s adult residents look for motivation to go to the gym, get some exercise and feel more confident about their health. But they don’t do anything. Because the thought of going to a gym can be intimidating, unattractive, or a host of other reasons.

And that’s fine. But you know what I say?


Sure, if you’re a self-starter, enjoy being surrounded by obsessed fitness junkies and the thought of lifting weights turns you on, then a gym might be your heaven. MIGHT.

But if you’re struggling to just get motivated to do ANYTHING… why not try a hip hop dance class?

Let’s think about it: great music + fun energy + social atmosphere + dance moves + no douchebags = sounds like an excellent alternative, wouldn’t you agree?
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15 Reasons How Hip Hop Dance Class Dramatically Improves Your Health

If you know you need some exercise but hate working out, a Toronto hip hop dance class is perfect for you- even if you’re a beginner. Not only will you learn some sweet moves you can actually use on the dance floor, you’ll enjoy many health benefits! In just a few classes you will:

  1. Work the largest muscle in your body- your heart- and decrease your chances of getting blood clots, strokes or heart problems
  2. Increase the efficiency of your digestive system, which may reduce your chances of colon cancer
  3. Improve your posture! The warm up exercises alone will help you to stand tall, sit up straight and finally stop slouching like a hunchback
  4. Work on showing off your sexy “six pack”. Tone up your stomach muscles and increase your core strength
  5. Strengthen your thighs, hamstrings and calf muscles so your legs don’t feel as weak and tired- and improve the stability in your knees
  6. Tone up those butt muscles- and give those “cheeks” an all-round booty-licious, head-turning shape up
  7. Feel more desirable and attractive, and feel confident about your physical appearance. Go ahead and stop traffic with your sexy body!
  8. Make your breathing easier! Dance helps you to take bigger breaths and fill your lungs, which improves lung capacity
  9. Firm up your breasts- Yes ladies, dance helps firm up your skin tissue, so you can get extra lift and perkiness. No Wonder!
  10. Unconsciously lose some extra pounds, while you sweat and groove to the music your body will burn calories and unwanted fat
  11. Increase your blood circulation throughout your entire body- keeping your cells healthier and eliminate cellular waste quicker
  12. Improve your memory and mental well being, and you’ll find it easier to retain more information and reduce stress
  13. Improve your skin tone, texture and appearance- allow your skin’s pores to breathe and glow (and clear up those blemishes)
  14. Feel more alert and energized from the extra oxygen to your brain. Now you can fully focus on those everyday tasks
  15. Finally fall asleep faster! Get some rest at the end of the day, improve sleeping patterns and wake up recharged from a deep, full night’s slumber

Think you don’t have time to watch videos? Here’s a 15 second video of our Toronto hip hop dance classes


As you can see, hip hop dance lessons are a FUN and excellent alternative to hitting the gym. Why bore yourself on a treadmill? Why feel intimidated from juice jockeys comparing pecks?

Hip hop dance will make you feel free and INSPIRED. Sometimes, that’s all it takes- just a little inspiration and motivation. Byfield Dance Experience has the best adult hip hop class in downtown Toronto for beginners and seasoned dancers.

So if you’re looking for a hip hop dance school downtown Toronto that will encourage you and help you reach your fitness goals, you found it.

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3 Simple Yet Important Questions To Ask Yourself BEFORE Trying A Hip Hop Class

  • Do you truly want to improve your overall health and well being?
  • Do you enjoy being around positive, friendly people?
  • Do you like great music and having a fun experience?

If you thought yes to any of the above, congratulations. You’ll love a beginner hip hop class.

BUT: nothing will improve in your goals if you don’t TAKE ACTION. You won’t feel motivated or more confident if you just sit here, read this, and expect things to magically change… you have to show up! You have to actually do something.

Just TRY a class. Maybe you’ll like it? Maybe you won’t. Who knows. One thing’s for sure:

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”


If you don’t at least TRY, how will you ever know? And the worst part is this:

If you don’t do something right now, you’ll spend the next few hours feeling even more guilty for finally finding the solution to your problem yet STILL aren’t doing anything about it. That feeling sucks.

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Will you take action toward your fitness goals? Or will you let ANOTHER month pass you by?

– Shawn Byfield


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  1. I hadn’t thought about how dance exercises can help you start standing up straight. I have been looking for a way to stay healthy this year. I can see how it would be smart to start taking dance classes because they will help me stay fit, while also correcting my slouch.

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