You’re Worth It! BONUS: Use These 3 “E’s” To Greatness Every Dance Class


“Don’t Quit On Your Friends.”

A motto we can all take to heart. DON’T DO IT.

Just so you know, we increase the intensity in our classes each week.

Listen… Some days it will suck! We let you know that on day one. Don’t be surprised when exercises get harder, when your body is being challenged even more, and you’re sore in places you didn’t know you had.

Just like grade two math class, those 2 + 2 flash cards get more challenging so you can learn to do more than just addition and subtraction. Throw in some multiplication and division cards in there and WHOA! Yes, hard at first…

…But guess what?


Your mind, your health, and your body are worth it!

In today’s society it’s so commonplace to quit on ourselves. It’s way too easy to just throw in the towel and say “ugghh, it’s just too hard.” Quitting on yourself is easy… The reward is in the CHALLENGE.

For some reason, in grade school we rise to the challenge to learn stuff that really doesn’t matter: Memorize all the elements in the table? Yup. Like a boss. Which King lived in what castle in 1605? Nailed it. What’s the capital of Kazakhstan? I GOT THIS…

…Just so we can get a 10/10 on a piece of paper.

But as an adult, we put minimal effort on OURSELVES. We stop learning. We resist growth and change. We quit on our dreams, our health, our passions- at the first sign of challenge.

Aren’t YOU worth fighting for? Don’t you deserve to be rewarded again?


Here’s a different approach you don’t see often:

We encourage you to remove yourself from the equation, and start thinking about your peers that are going through the same struggles you are. They need your help! KEEP GOING. They’re tired also! KEEP GOING. They deserve your support!

If you keep pushing, they’ll keep pushing… And when you see them still going, remind yourself to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Just keep going.

Growth and change takes time. It won’t happen overnight. So to help, here’s three E’s for greatness you can apply immediately:

  1. EMBRACE the struggle together.
  2. ENCOURAGE each other.
  3. EVOLVE into a better person.

Don’t quit on your friends, they deserve your support. It’s time to win!

And you deserve the rewards.

– Shawn Byfield at #BDXstudio Toronto